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It's a my profile and works.#who_d_japanese
I was born on May 11th, 1995, in Japan.
My occupation is Fashion Dreamer.

What does Fashion Dreamer do?

My mission is to make people happy through fashion. Happiness, I define, is in the moment you spontaneously smile.


I've had ups and downs, just like everyone does, and fashion was always with me and helped me a lot. I played tennis pretty seriously but I broke my legs and discontinued as a palyer. That was a hardest time in my life but my mom brought me to a store and staff there cheered me up by styling me with cool clothes. That was quite an experience.
That feeling is something I want to spread in the world.

Please do not hesitate to ask what I am trying to mean by my posts, works, etc.
If you are seeking to collaborate with me, please contact me at the form.


Born - May 11,1995
Birth Place - Saga-ken, Japan
Height - 169cm
Shoe size - 24.5cm
Blood type - B


Doing in my spare time. I never retouch my photos.
Mostly shoot with the 28mm lense.
Now, No.4 in the Japan men's Instagramer.

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